The Story

Grey-Eyes is an adventure that takes place in a time when buffalo blankets the great plains, the eagle speaks to the people and the voices of the ancestors whisper on the wind. The novel introduces readers to the culture, ceremonies and spirituality of the original inhabitants of North America. The author writes of his own people, culture and spirituality in a respectful manner that allows readers to delve deeply into a previously unknown, taboo and nearly forgotten way of life.

It begins with a prophetic vision. A dream of sorts. A whisper from the ancestors. An old and nearly forgotten Medicine Man prepares for the arrival of a miracle. But these are hard times. The Nehiyawak don’t need prophecies or vague intuitions. Their village needs strong hunters to find meat and fierce warriors to keep the enemy at bay. Medicine Man? More like senile old fool…

Yet the miracle happens anyway. In the poorest lodge to the poorest family the chosen one is born. Marked with Grey-Eyes and blessed with the ancient magic, he is raised to learn the secrets of the Medicine Wheel.

Danger lurks nearby. The Red-Eye, sworn enemy of the Nehiyawak, seeks to destroy their way of life and enslave the people. Who is the Red-Eye? Who among the Nehiyawak would still recognize him? They don’t yet realize the truth. The evil one walks among them. His followers await the signal to attack.

A gentle soul, the boy prefers the company of plants and animals to the pressures and expectations of the villagers. In communion with nature he seeks to understand his place in this world and to use his unusual gifts in a good way. Though still a boy, he must become a man and defend the village with his magic.

Frank Christopher BuschThe Story