The Characters

Major Characters

  • Walking Moon Woman (BEAR)

    The stern and quick tongued Matriarch of the Bear Clan. Walking Moon Woman holds a seat on the Circle of Clan mothers, but the strength of her small clan means that her voice is seldom heard. She does what she can to keep the clan together and prove its usefulness to the village.

  • Painted Turtle Man (BEAR)

    Younger cousin of Walking Moon Woman. The “would be” medicine carrier of Nisichawayasihk and Little Grey Bear Boy’s adopted grandfather or moosum. Painted Turtle Man was trained in the secrets of the plant world and shares his healing skills with any who signify their need with the passing of tobacco. In becoming a widower, he was required to leave his wife’s clan and return to the Bear lodge. His usefulness to the village had been questioned when he claimed to have had a vision of a Grey-Eyed boy to be born to the poorest clan in the village.

  • Singing Doe (BEAR)

    Walking Moon Woman’s eldest daughter. She is an optimistic but somewhat sullen woman, due to having suffered the trauma of having a stillborn daughter who would have been heir to the Bear Clan. She worries for her mother and her clan because of the way some of the villagers question their usefulness. Her husband’s jovial nature is what makes her smile and forget the gossip for a time. The addition of her son Flying Rabbit Boy seems to cure her of her melancholy.

  • Brown Shield Man (WOLF)

    Wolf Clan, husband of Singing Doe, father of Flying Rabbit Boy. Warrior of the White Wolf Warrior Society. A moderately successful hunter, he loves his wife and enjoys making her smile. Having been teased for being heavier than most as a child, he developed a thick skin and a jovial nature. Quick to laugh and slow to anger, he has high hopes of his son, Flying Rabbit Boy, in becoming a great warrior and hunter.

  • White Willow Woman (BEAR)

    Younger daughter of Walking Moon Woman. Beautiful and charming, White Willow Woman ignores the gossip of the village and wishes only for a blessed life for her and her clan. Having birthed the grey eyed Little Grey Bear Boy as well as the only female heir to the Bear Clan, Yellow Hawk Girl, White Willow Woman wishes to become the best mother she can be.

  • Blue Elk Man (MARTEN)

    Marten Clan, Husband of White Willow Woman, father of Little Grey Bear Boy and Yellow Hawk Girl. Warrior of the Dog Soldier Warrior Society. Tall, muscular with a fierce resolve and a stoic nature. A successful hunter and skilled warrior, he devotes every day of his life to proving his skill to his clan, his community and to himself. His warrior society forbids him to ever take a human life, even in combat.

  • Little Grey Bear Boy (BEAR)

    The main character of Grey-Eyes. Little Grey Bear Boy is child who happens to have been born with grey eyes in a predominantly brown eyed community. His grey eyes also carry the ancient magic, allowing for extraordinary things to happen when he is near. Objects move on their own, people can take the form of animals, and the earth, wind, water and fire seem to do what he asks. As a boy, he is not sure how or why his magic works, he sometimes wonders if it is even him who is the cause. He is a gentle soul who enjoys learning the secrets of the plant world with his adopted grandfather. While he prefers peaceful solitude, everyone in the village is depending on him to protect them from the threat of the Red-Eye and his followers.

  • Flying Rabbit Boy (BEAR)

    Little Grey Bear Boy’s younger cousin and best friend in the world. Jovial like his father, Flying Rabbit Boy yearns for the chance to prove his worth to the village. It is widely known that his clan was hoping he would be born a girl to carry on the Bear clan’s duties. He has a fondness for the young women of the Turtle Clan. He wishes to be awarded his manhood name and be initiated into a warrior society. All he needs is the opportunity to show that he has just as much to contribute as his cousin – maybe more.

  • Yellow Hawk Girl (BEAR)

    Little Grey Bear Boy’s little sister and heir to the red and black shawl of the Bear clan. It was foretold in the medicine carrier’s prophetic dream that she would be mother to many children and would raise the Bear clan back to its former glory. She enjoys asking lots of questions and hearing stories, just as other girls her young age do.

  • Dark Cloud Man (RED-EYE)

    The enemy of Nisichawayasihk, he was once a member of their village. Though no one has seen him in three generations, his many followers are a constant threat, often lurking in shadows and blending in with villagers and guests. He rejects the way of the Nehiyawak people and wishes to control the destiny of all around him by virtue of his powerful dark magic. He once vowed to return one day and enslave the village.

Minor Characters

  • Soaring Star Woman (EAGLE)

    The elderly Grey-Eyed matriarch of the Eagle Clan and leader of the Circle of Clan Mothers. Soaring Star Woman is a wise and just leader who demonstrates leadership by her example. Though she wields the Grey-Eye magic, she uses it sparingly, wishing to encourage the villagers to take responsibility over their lives and not grow dependent on the Grey-Eye magic to solve all of their problems. She has carried a secret burden for many winters and will have to share her story before passing on into the Great Mystery beyond this life.

  • The Eagle Twins (EAGLE)

    Soaring Star Woman’s twin granddaughters. They have grown up with the Grey-Eye magic and the benefit of their Grandmother’s sweeping influence. They enjoy the finer things and take great pleasure in having a little more than the other villagers. They have sharp tongues and are quick to find fault with others and criticize loudly and publicly. They are able to communicate with one another using a secret language of facial expressions, twitches and quick lip movements.

  • Laughing Cloud Boy/Sharp Stone Man (EAGLE)

    Son of the elder Eagle Twin. A kind hearted boy who wishes only to do his duty to his clan and be initiated into a warrior society.

  • Standing Sun Woman (CRANE)

    The elderly matriarch of the Crane clan. Standing Sun Woman keeps her ear out for all local news and information. She is quick to inform the villagers of any new births, marriages, deaths and other information so that everyone knows what is happening.

  • Drifting Butterfly Woman (CRANE)

    Heir apparent to the Crane Clan. Drifting Butterfly Woman is quick to call people out for starting rumours and engaging in gossip as her clan duty. She cares about the day to day needs of people and especially children. She works hard for no other reason that the work needs to be done.

  • Many Fish (DEER)

    Husband of Drifting Butterfly Woman and warrior of the White Wolf Warrior Society. He received his warrior name for being the best fisherman in the village. Large, strong but of a gentle disposition, he supports his wife in all of her endeavours.

  • Gliding Heron Woman (MARTEN)

    Matriarch of the Marten Clan. Blue Heron Woman is very strict in the observation of laws and protocols and demands the same from all around her.

  • Green Wing Woman (TURTLE)

    Matriarch of the Turtle Clan. Green Wing Woman is a teacher who enjoys being around children. She has difficulty in feeding the many children of her own clan as well as the many others who spend time in her lodge. She is often forced to rely on the generosity of the village to help meet her family’s needs.

  • Talking Stone Woman (DEER)

    Matriarch of the Deer Clan. Talking Stone Woman is very proud and demands much from her clan. She wishes to keep the small Deer clan’s position healthy by always projecting strength of character and work ethic.

  • Blue Lighting Woman (WOLF)

    Matriarch of the Wolf Clan. Blue Lightning Woman is ever vigilant and swift to act. She concerns herself with the safety of the village and its children. She is swift to have her warriors punish any who threaten the harmony of Nisichawayasihk.

Other Characters

The Trader (LOON)

Leader of the Trader’s caravan, he travels with his company of fellow merchants from village to village bartering the exchange of items and information. His loud booming voice and belly laugh can be heard for miles around.

Soaring Spear Man (DEER)

Painted Turtle Man’s awkward helper, Soaring Spear Man wishes to learn some new skills in order to get the attention of the unmarried women in the village.

The Red-Eye’s followers (VARIOUS)

Men of various villages who have rejected the way of the Nehiyawak in favour of Dark Cloud Man’s powerful magic and new teachings. They paint their eyelids red to show their devotion to the Red-Eye, unless they are trying to conceal themselves amongst the villagers.


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