Frank Christopher Busch is a member of the Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation in northern Manitoba. Educated at the University of Manitoba,  his articles on First Nations social and economic topics have been published in such Canadian newspapers as The Vancouver Sun, The Winnipeg Free Press, and The National Post. Frank is a popular speaker on the First Nations/Native American and Metis Profile of Frank BuschConference circuit where he presents on finance/governance methodology and best practices. His professional life has led him to visit approximately 200 First Nations/Native American and Metis communities. His experience has taught him that only the local population of a community can determine what fits and what works for them, blanket policies seldom work because no two communities are identical.

Frank honed his writing skills while working at a law firm during the Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement, where he interviewed hundreds of survivors and wrote their stories for their claim against the Government of Canada. He wrote Grey Eyes, in response to the message he received over and over from residential school survivors: “I just want my culture back.” The end result of the Government and Church’s attempt to assimilate First Nations/Native American and Metis by “Killing the Indian in the child” was that generations of people were disconnected from the stories, songs, history and language of their people.

Frank was inspired to write Grey-Eyes by the birth of his first child. Having a grey eyed child of his own led him on a mission to find and preserve the oral histories of the Grey-Eye legends. Sadly, many First Nations/Native American and Metis Elders who held these stories passed on and only fragments remained. Taking what little he had, Frank blended the pieces of stories with the fundamental beliefs, spirituality and ceremonies of First Nations/Native American and Metis peoples. Frank intends for the Grey-Eyes series to be both an enjoyable literary experience as well as an introduction to First Nations/Native American and Metis culture and spirituality.

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