The following lists books that are in the works:

Future Titles

Grey-Eyes II: Teaching of the Bear

The women of the village are disappearing. When a village of the Chipewayan (Dene) is discovered, the unruly men call for war.

Grey-Eyes III: Teaching of the Beaver

People are using a red powder medicine even when they are not sick. The medicine has strange effects which cause people to forget their responsibilities, even to their families. The Trader says that the source of the red powder lies amongst the people of the Northwest Coast of Turtle Island.

Grey-Eyes IV: Teaching of the Eagle

In the frozen tundra, the children of Inuit people are taking their own lives. Something must be done to curb this practice before it spreads further.

Grey-Eyes V: Teaching of the Sasquatch

The people of the eastern doorways have lost their way and are giving into selfish desires, even using defenseless children to fulfill them.

Grey-Eyes VI: Teaching of the Turtle

The great empires of the Yucatan peninsula are conducting strange ceremonies and sacrificing people to a false God. The Nehiyawak and their allies gather in force to put a stop to the Red-Eye’s armies, or die in the attempt.

Grey-Eyes VII: Teaching of the Wolf

The greatest battle is the one that is faced from within. While the Nehiyawak struggle to rebuild their lives and regain the path Creator intended, the temptation for great power is overwhelming.

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